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Jeeto Pakistan Online Help Center

Jeeto Pakistan Online Help Center

Online help and Guide:

Most unique and special show on pakistani television and its guide, the endless fun and the prizes just keep out dropping. A thrilling segment based on the family game show, all the help you need, with twists and turns beyond imagination. With the riches excitement around every corner grow wilder and wilder, conducted in front of the Live audiences, where almost all of the crowd will not go home empty handed. In addition to the Live audiences prizes will also be given to those lucky viewers who join in through Live phone calls also. This is Jeeto Pakistan. jeeto pakistan helpline


The famous celebrity Fahad Mustafa.


Handi Charhao Inam Pakao

Handi charhao inaam pakao is cooking competition among random audience in to four parties, whom have to make tasty treats within a given time clock. That taste has been Judged by the audience themselves and Fahad Mustafa, the most appreciated taste will be awarded the prize.

Jeet Kai Dikao

Jeet kai dikao contain several games which will be played by some audience, with one goal, to come out on top. It could be fun or It could be messy. But the winner will be the one and only.

Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao

In this segment the music of the Bigul,  at this moment the excitement gone at sky heights. A fast pitched Question and Answer connect to wildness, where Fahad will interact with the Live audience, and hands up numerous gifts for each correct answer.

Khul Gai Qismat

Khul gai qismat is the segment where your luck is in your hands. There are No Questions, No Games only Fahad will ask the entire audience for various random items which they may have on their person. Whoever from the random audience comes up with these items wins.

Dil Walay Inam Laijangay

Dilwale inam laijangay, its sounds like some movie i think. This is the ultimate competition between different newly-wed couples, who will compete against one another in various games in the hope to win the final prize. Wow….

Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao

Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao, as this segment already said “ Ghar Lai Jao” mean take the car home. The most worth holding Prize of jeeto pakistan. One of the lucky audience will get a chance to win a brand new car for their family. All he has to do is to answer the questions correctly. Those questions has been asked by the host himself Fahad, because for each wrong answer a part of the car will be battered or broken off.

Sahulat Bazar

Fahad Mustafa will distribute special vouchers by his own for Sahulat Bazar, each worth a different amount of vouchers. Those cards will be distributed to randomly selected audience from public, as well as viewers who call-in, via lucky draw.

Celebrity Guest

A celebrity guest will join Fahad on stage and host as well and help Fahad to make show more entertaining. Becoming part of the fun and games, as he/she will interact with the public audience and the host.

Baat Banti Hai

Yeah, Gold’s plates with different weight in every box in this segment. But there is a twist at last. A lucky audience member will get a chance to win unexpected Gold with high worth. Each box will contain gold but in different amount, if the contestant could to guess the correct quantity  because luck is everything and convince Fahad he will be richer than ever.

Directed By: Obaid Khan


Watch only ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ at Friday & Sunday at 7:30 pm only on ARY Digital, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here. You can also register yourself to attend the show here.

All the segments well be changed on Ramadan, stay connected. of jeeto pakistan helpline number

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