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Adobe Illustrator Training Course in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Adobe Illustrator Training Course in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Adobe illustrator is a good program that is used by both artists and graphic designers to create vector images.Adobe Illustrator Course in Rawalpindi  these images will have be used for every person work company logs and promotion all used both in digital and print form. this Adobe Illustrator Training course adobe illustrator helps put illustrators power and flexibility at your offering a topical over view foe the programs your display. Adobe Illustrator Training shows haw to create fills and strokes work with live effects and color and ingratiate typography your design we start have for everything you need to kind to drown design and illus to create with illustrator. Adobe Illustrator Course in Rawalpindi

Adobe Illustrator Training
Adobe Illustrator Training

Adobe illustrator have many topics some are following.

  • shape of are boards and changing the size.
  • editing and creating layers.
  • drawing of basic shapes.
  • working with sport colors.
  • Brush tools using
  • creating shapes and impound
  • embedding images and placing
  • exporting artwork and printing.

Adobe illustrator was first developed in December 1986 for the. it is for front development software and postscript file format. it is also complain product of adobe Photoshop . Photoshop is photo era list sty elf if computer illustration illustrator give result in the type setting and logo graphic area of design . the difference in strengths between illustrator and Photoshop be one clear the the rices of internet.Adobe Illustrator Course in Rawalpindi illustrator was supports restoration are viewing ad web publishing adobe was an early developer and svg for that web and illustrator excreted svg files. via in 1997 intro diction of illustrator adobe made critical changes in the user interface with regard to part edging. adobe illustrator also begin to supports type effectively editing the format wars between past script. sc4 was released in October 2008. it has a variety of improvement to all tools along with the introduction of a few brand and new tools acquired form freehand. the art allow the all fetcher.Adobe Illustrator Course in Rawalpindi  adobe illustrator is power full vector image creation program. it is a simple for professional designers for very adobe was developed for design developing and creation. in the area of adverting games and web for sharing has deep downloadable of the digital art. Adobe Illustrator Training is available in Rawalpindi. you can get in form about the course in our pk institute. Adobe Illustrator Course in Rawalpindi

Adobe Illustrator Training Course Outline

  1. Adobe Illustrator CS6
  2. Work Area
  3. Selecting and Aligning
  4. Creating and Editing
  5. Objects
  6. Drawing with the Pen
  7. Color
  8. Working with Type
  9. Layers
  10. Working with Perspective
  11. Blending Colors
  12. Working with B rusher
  13. Applying Effects
  14. Applying Appearance A
  15. Working with Symbols
  16. Illustrator CS6 Graphics

Adobe Illustrator Training Fee:

Admission Fee: 1000/-

Course Fee: 9000/-

Total Fee: 10,000/-

Adobe Illustrator Training Course For More Information

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