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Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi of Travel agency

Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi Introduction

Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi is training program provides on all round introduction for new comes to travel and tourism industry. This professional Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi covers all there different areas of skills. For examples to make learning fun, practical and realistic, Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi also covers and understands iata terms. This Professional course provides the essential skills and qualification required. When you are working in today travel industry. Air ticketing course is very important and most popular course offered by the tourism department. after learning this professional air ticketing course , the students will be able to know about baggage allowances , taxes , charges and fees, the students will be able to interpret air travel documents ion if you are interest and wish to start a career in air lines, travel tourism scoter and you home understand the role of global distribution system this professional course air ticketing course in Rawalpindi will help you to tender and the importance of information technology global distribution system in the airline industry and internet. There are two sorts of airline tickets more common electronic ticketing usually referent to as and a ticket, the older style with coupons now are furred to as a paper ticket. This professional course for those looking to launch their career in the travel industry our students will also benefit from our unrivaled job finding and career counseling services. After learning this professional air ticketing course and will continue to study travel course to father enhance their job opportunities.

Air Ticketing & Reservation System about

Pk institute Rawalpindi affiliated will skills development those students who successfully complete the air ticketing course they will be also get the diploma in airline and travel studies together with certificates. air ticketing course is also available in many cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, madam , and many other cities, this professional air ticketing course in Rawalpindi is very important for the student who learn about air lines reservations, travel agency produces, travel geography , working in a modern travel agency major tourist destinations, fares and ticketing

Air Ticketing Course Outline

  • Introduction of IATA
  • Make a Ticket
  • History
  • Ticket book
  • Ticket Council
  • Country Code
  • And other Information

Air Ticketing Course Schedule

  1. 5 Days a Week Class
  2. 6 Months Experiences Latter

 Air Ticketing Course 100% Practical Classes
Total Fee: 13500/-

Air Ticketing Course for More information Call Now: 0333-8761908

Online Air Ticket Book System

World has seen the most technological boom in the last fifty years, with the innovations in every field made possible now for making the human life easier and more comfortable. Airlines industry has evolved into one of the most sophisticated and fascinating industries of today. Airlines industry has made the dream of flying of the humans into a reality in less than a century. Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi Today, millions of people fly every day. This has strengthened not only the economies of places but also connected people and cultures. The advancement of technology has led to big progress in the system of flight ticket booking over the years Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi.

Tickets are the documents that confirm purchase and guarantee a seat on the airplane for the chosen journey. Tickets are required as a proof to get the boarding pass at the airport, which is needed in order to board the aircraft. The traditional tickets on the early days of air travel were made of paper and were to be collected from the travel agencies or airline office after purchasing. Along with globalization and the development of aviation industry, the process of ticket purchasing has also changed. Since the rapid growth and use of internet since the 2000s, ticket air ticketing

purchasing has been possible online. Decreasing number of people are now using the traditional paper ticket while almost all major airlines have given the possibility of online tickets, commonly known as e-ticket. A ticket today contains the information of the passenger’s name, date of travel, the flight number, destination and origin of travel, fare, taxes, baggage information, rules on changes and refunds, form of payments and the validity of the ticket. In this thesis, the system behind online ticket booking especially used by airlines is going to be explained along with a demonstration of a working application to show sample online booking. Various sources such as e-books, online articles and websites have been referred to gather the materials for the thesis. Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi The thesis has been completed with the co-operation with the supervisor to take in his valuable 2 ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the work. The paper has been written with the help of information absorbed from the sources mentioned above and displayed with own understanding. The topic has been chosen as a result of author’s interest in the mechanism of modern flight booking process. After introduction,

chapter two of the thesis named “Online Ticket Booking” is discussed. In it, a brief introduction of online ticket booking, the evolution of ecommerce, airline reservation system and working mechanism of flight booking are described. From chapter three onwards, the thesis is focused on the development process of online ticket booking application that has been developed. In chapter three, different programs and software that are used in the development are briefly described. The key aspects that are needed in the development of the working application are described in chapter four. Those aspects are briefly described and explained why they were necessary in developing the project. Chapter four is followed by chapter five on the topic, which is about the design aspect of the application. Under this chapter, design of the database used, system design and logic of the website are explained and illustrated. Chapter six is dedicated to the various stages of development progress. Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi This is the biggest chapter of thesis where the process of development are described and shown with graphs. The chapter is divided into many sub-chapters, where each sub-chapter focuses on different aspects of the development. This chapter is accompanied with many graphs and screenshots of the code used in the making of application. The last chapter of the thesis, chapter seven, is about the advantages, disadvantages and the challenges faced during the making of application. The advantages and disadvantages sections are about the general pros and cons of the popular online flight booking system that we use today while the challenges is about the personal challenges faced during the development of the project. The final part of the thesis will present the conclusions Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi.

air ticketing training course


Over the years with the advent of internet, online ticket booking for airline travel has been increasingly popular. The main focus of airline companies today has been in the satisfaction of customers. The companies are doing this by making journeys possible in a fully mobile and social environment with the intelligent use of vast quantities of data to deliver real service and operational improvements. The personalized use of mobile phones and web by customers is expected to increase drastically, with the estimation of 90% airline companies offering mobile check-in by 2015. (Travelmole 2013.) air ticketing course in rawalpindi

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