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PHP Training

PHP Training ( Web Development Course)

PHP Training in Rawalpindi. PHP is moving through introduction of the PHP Training. Other command use of PHP, string echo, and variable. Our main goal is to teach PHP in a way that is of immediate benefit to the user. In the field of information technology PHP training is very important. Especially for website and web development PHP training is designed to bridge a gap between the business taken holder and PHP developers. It covers advance knowledge of fundamental and extreme adequate manner. PHP training stars from the basic concepts. It is very easy to learn PHP. Our experts trained in this special course. PHP being an open source language. There are many institute who are giving best training PHP. After learn PHP , our many students work in many companies PHP is personal homepage. It is all basic command the end of projec general concepts and constructs of the language. It is also web development such as building dynamic pages , creating dynamic links and also data base interfacing. PHP training in Rawalpindi city. In this training course PHP, we will train you that how to initialize a project. What steps you will take in completing any project PHP platform for using based website is lamp. It stands for MYSQL, LINUX, PHP and apache. There are main four keys elements for PHP. We offer best (PHP training in our institute). Come and visit our institute we offer very cheap training in is very comfortable to learn PHP under our expert teachers. PHP is very necessary for web designing and web development. It is basic course for computer language. Learn the best world leading open source programming language with the industry experts. You will become a professional designer after learn PHP. In Pakistan growth of information technology, a large number of people are making their career in the field of information technology. Skilled human resources are available. PHP trained is designed to prepare the students for the professional development. By using PHP programming language .PHP Training in Rawalpindi. after learning and training PHP you can develop professional level website and web application. There are PHP , MYSQL, E-commerce and word press training.

PHP Training Course Outline

  1. Introduction of PHP
  2. What is PHP
  3. Programming
  4. Dynamic Web Development
  5. PHP  basics
  6. PHP Intermediate
  7. PHP Advance
  8. PHP Software House Level
  9. PHP Object Oriented
  10. PHP application
  11. MySQL
  12. PHP database
  13. MVC pattern to organize your code
  14. debug a PHP application
  15. work with form data
  16. control statements
  17.  strings and numbers
  18. work with dates
  19. arrays
  20. cookies and sessions
  21. functions
  22. regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data

PHP Course Admission Fee: 1000/-

PHP Course Fee: 12000/-

PHP Course Total Fee: 13000/-

PHP Training Course in Rawalpindi For more Information Call Now: 0311-5559404

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