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The Best Game Show Of ARY Digital, Jeeto Pakistan

The Best Game Show Of ARY Digital, Jeeto Pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan is a very best game show of Pakistan. Which aired by ARY Digital channel and this show is very popular in Pakistan and another countries. Jeeto Pakistan winner list. Jeeto Pakistan was launched first time on 18-May-2014 on ARY Digital at 7:30 pm.

Now, Jeeto Pakistan cost every Friday and Sunday on ARY Digital channel. Jeeto Pakistan head office number. Fahad Mustafa is the host of this game show jeeto Pakistan. He known as a very best host jeeto Pakistan because his acting is very good and looking a great personality. He is also a very big hero of Pakistani film industries and he is a big actor of Pakistan. ARY Digital cost this game show on Friday and Sunday at 7:30 pm. Jeeto Pakistan is very big cost of ary digital because this show watch many people and enjoy the games and get many gifts through this game show. Jeeto Pakistan complain head office.

How People selected in Jeeto Pakistan

In jeeto Pakistan the people selected randomly from present audience this show is divided in to many segments. Jeeto Pakistan Winner number. audience get many prizes after achieving the challenges and task which given by the host of game show. In jeeto Pakistan game show there are many gifts and other prizes which gave the audience who participate the game show and achieve a game task and challenges. Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number.

Many Big Prizes In Jeeto Pakistan

The prizes which get the audience are different types like as cars, motorcycles, washing machines, LED, refrigerators, cashes and gold etc. Some people get prizes just on a phone call during the live show. Some time jeeto Pakistan broadcast from other different cities some shows having cost from Islamabad, Lahore and UAE. Jeeto Pakistan Check prize online. This game show is a very big production of ARY Digital channel which known as very big channel of Pakistan.

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